Seo tips to keep you afloat.

There are only 2 basic points to keep in mind when trying to seo anything, even a tumblr page, I’ve found these tips on an seo services brisbane website.

The more authoritative your page appears to Google, the higher your page will rank.

Ranking means the way search engines display results. Your goal, of course, is to be at the top of the results. Or at least on the first page. Research have shown that people rarely click on page 2 results of any search engine.

So how do you get Google to rank you higher?

  • Write content that makes use of words and phrases people who search for your product uses
  • Build links to your pages

Linking is important.

We’ve been talking about links and linking from the get-go. So what is it?

Well, it simply means “tagging” other quality webpages to your page. Let’s say your website talks about knitting and you know of a place that sells customized yarn colors. You can link out to their webpage. Similarly, other webpages may link out to you if they deem your content to be valuable.

In this way, linking to pages is almost like getting votes. The more links you get, the higher your page usually ranks.

But be careful. Remember the whole “authoritative” part in number 1? Google will still scan if you’re linking to quality sites. You may have 15 different links on a 700-word article, but if none of them is from a great site, they’re almost useless.

In summary, you need to have relevant content that has what people are looking for. Enough for other sites to link out to you, too. And that is SEO in a nutshell. Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

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